Online Edition of the Paippalāda Recension of the Atharvaveda


This project aims at creating a digital critical edition of the Paippalāda recension of the Atharvaveda (PS), along with its English translation, a full morpho-lexical analysis, detailed linguistic and Indological comments, and links to Sanskrit literature. In the first phase, we have focused on books 1,4 and 12. In the second phase of the project, we will focus on books 10 and 19.

The end product of this project will become a valuable resource for scientists from various research areas, such as Indian studies, historical linguistics, literary studies and historiography of religion or culture. 

The project is conducted jointly by the Department of Comparative Language Science and the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies of the University of Zurich. It is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and runs from 2017-2021 (grant agreement 10FE15_157918) and 2021-2025 (grant agreement 10FE15_198245), respectively.